Brides Role in Wedding Planning

The brides role in planning the wedding is an important one. Whether you're organizing the wedding yourself, or getting help, there are some duties that should be carried out by you. 

Brides...great tips here to get started, get organized, and have fun!

With the groom...Determine your budget. Consult with family members if they are contributing. 

  • Choose; location of wedding and reception, theme, invitations, save-the-date cards, caterer, music, photographer. And plan your honeymoon together.
  • Go together for yummy food and cake tastings, and have fun together picking out potential gifts for your wedding registry.
  • Meet with your ceremony officiate to discuss wedding details. Attend premarital counseling. Write wedding vows together, if you choose.
  • Decide who will coordinate lodging for out of town guests.
  • Purchase gifts to honor the children in the wedding party, and for parents, or anyone that helps with your wedding.
  • Go for blood tests (required in some states) and marriage license. Check with your state to verify type of I.D. needed.
  • Send handwritten thank-you notes for all gifts that you receive, from the shower to the wedding, in a timely manner (preferably within 3 months after the wedding).

Your role before the wedding...

  1. Compile list of guests from your side of the family.
  2. Choose your wedding gown, undergarments, shoes, hair style, jewelry, and make-up. Hire a make-up artist and hairstylist if it fits within your budget.
  3. Choose bridesmaids/attendants and your honor attendant. 
  4. Plan a get-together for attendants, i.e. luncheon or "girls day out", if it fits within your budget.
  5. Buy gifts for the attendants, including bridesmaids and honor attendants.
  6. Buy a gift for the groom, and the grooms wedding band.
  7. Work with wedding planner (if hiring one), or DIY to book and coordinate venue, bakers, caterers, D.J.'s, photographers, florists and anyone who will be there for the big day.
  8. For the wedding shower, give guests names and addresses to host or hostess of shower, join in on the fun, and make sure to send handwritten thank-you notes to all.
  9. Make DIY wedding decorations, centerpieces, favors, and even gifts for the wedding party. Allow enough time, so you're not in panic mode right before the big day!
  10. Get your personal stuff in order...change your name on credit cards, bank account, an insurance policies. Make sure your passport is up to date if traveling out of the country.
  11. The day before, enjoy a mani-pedi...alone or with your family and attendants.

For the honeymoon...

  • Remember your budget when planning!
  • Shop for sexy lingerie, massage oils, etc. 
  • Coordinate sitters if leaving children or pets at home. 
  • Pack for honeymoon, and don't forget sunscreen, and medications. There's nothing worse than a sunburn on a romantic getaway! 

Important...Remember, when planning for your wedding..stuff happens and plans may have to change accordingly. Be flexible, have a sense of humor, go with the flow, and have fun!


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