A Bridesmaids Guide...Duties and Tips

Congratulations, you've been invited to be a bridesmaid in your friend's wedding! You may have no idea what to do next, but not to worry. We're here to give you some great tips and ideas...

Prospective bridesmaids; before accepting the invitation, consider the expense, and if it will fit into your budget. It may be hard to say no, especially if you're close to the bride and groom. 

If money is tight, let them know...you may be able to brainstorm together about how to save money. Once you commit, don't back out, unless you have a very good reason!

Duties (includes honor attendants)....

  • Provides emotional support.
  • Offers to help with anything! Shopping, packing for honeymoon, running last minute errands, making sure bride eats before ceremony, etc.
  • Hosts a bridal shower and/or bachelorette party if the bride chooses to have one.
  • Helps out-of-town guests with travel arrangements.
  • Helps address invitations if they live locally.
  • Attends and assists with rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Assists bride with dress; getting dressed and undressed.
  • Receives guests at the reception, and starts the dancing.
  • Uses any special talents they may have to help create a beautiful, low cost wedding like making favors and wedding centerpieces.

Attendants are normally responsible for their own:

  • Gifts; for shower and wedding. 
  • Travel expenses, dresses, shoes and accessories.
  • Cost of hair-styling, makeup, manicures and pedicures. The bride may offer to pay for something like a mani-pedi, depending on her budget.

Additional duties of the honor attendant: The maid/matron/man is the bride's right hand person and attends to her needs before, and after the ceremony.

  • Shops with bride for bridal party attire.
  • Holds the grooms ring until given to the bride at the ceremony.
  • Holds the brides bouquet during the ceremony.
  • Witnesses the signing of the marriage license.
  • Is available for wedding pictures before or after ceremony.

Optional: Gives a toast to the bride at the reception mentioning things like: What the bride said about the groom when they first met, a story about growing up together, a funny habit of the bride that the groom may not know, words of advice or wishes for success and happiness.

The size of your bridal party depends on the size of the venue, and it should also be appropriate to the number of guests you've invited.

In a formal wedding with 200 guests-having 10 brides attendants would be in order. On the other hand, a casual wedding with 50 guests and a small alter would call for 1-3.

Be the best you can be..no whining and complaining to the bride! Help make her day as stress free as possible. Be punctual to all the functions, smile, help and socialize!


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