The Groom's Role in the Wedding

The groom's duties are an important part of the wedding. However much your bride or wedding planner do to organize the big day, there are certain duties that should be carried out by you. 

Great grooms tips here to help you get started!

With the bride...Determine your budget. Consult with family members, if they are contributing. Traditionally, the groom’s parents would pay for the rehearsal dinner, their attire and any travel and lodging expenses they incur. Establish as early as possible, who is paying for what.

  • Choose the location of wedding and reception, theme, invitations, save-the-date cards, caterer, music, photographer, and plan your honeymoon. 
  • Go together for yummy food and cake tastings, and have fun together picking out potential gifts for your wedding registry.
  • Meet with your ceremony officiate to discuss wedding details. Attend premarital counseling. Write your vows, if you're choosing to do so.
  • Decide who will coordinate lodging for out of town guests.
  • Purchase gifts to honor the children in the wedding party, and for parents, or anyone that helps with your wedding.
  • Go for blood tests (required in some states) and marriage license. Check with your state to verify type of I.D. needed.
  • Send handwritten thank-you notes for all gifts that you receive, from the shower to the wedding, in a timely manner (preferably within 3 months after the wedding).

10 duties all your own...

  1. The Ring; Buy the engagement ring and wedding band. Some brides will want to go along for the decision making.
  2. Wedding Party; Pick your attendants, and remember they don't have to be men. It's perfectly acceptable to ask a special lady to be your best person, or attendant. Pick someone that you are close to, and who is reliable enough to be there for emotional support, and to help when needed.
  3. What to Wear; Choose wedding attire for yourself and attendants. Tuxedos are always easy and elegant, but there are alternatives. Depending on the theme of the wedding, choose anything from a casual suit to beach attire.
  4. Party; Attend engagement party, bachelor party (if you choose to have one), wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  5. Gifts; Buy attendants and best person, to be given at the rehearsal dinner. And, don't forget a gift your bride!
  6. Speech; Prepare speeches for rehearsal dinner and wedding reception.
  7. Ride; Arrange for transportation for the wedding party to the wedding, and for you and your bride after the reception.
  8. Settle Up; Pay the fees of the person presiding over the ceremony. Ask your best person to deliver the payment after the wedding ceremony. 
  9. Optional; Pick out your own cake if you decide on one. This is a special cake that reflects your interests, profession or hobby. Find your own unique way to serve the cake. Maybe the bachelors only, or the oldest married couples get a piece. Be creative! Think outside the box...the cake box that is!
  10. Let's Dance; At the reception, dance the first dance with your beautiful bride, and have fun!

The honeymoon...

  • Make sure your passport is up to date, if traveling outside the country.
  • Coordinate sitters if leaving children or pets at home. 
  • When packing, remember the sunscreen, and medications. There's nothing worse than a sunburn, or running around looking for medicine that you forgot at home!

Important...Remember, when planning for your flexible, have a sense of humor, go with the flow, help your bride when she needs it, and have fun!


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