Ring Bearer Duties, Tips and Ideas

The ring bearer role is traditionally played by a young boy from the age of 4 to 8 years old, and carries the bride and grooms ring to the alter. 

But...A ring bearer doesn't have to be a boy. A girl or even the family pet can join in on the fun! Choose someone that is important to you, and don't let anyone talk you into having a child (or pet) there that you're not comfortable with. It's your wedding after all!

If you have more than one child, have one carry the rings, and the other a handmade sign saying..."Here Comes the Bride", or something funny like..."Hurry Up, I Want Cake!"

What to wear...Suits and tuxedos for children can be rented or purchased to match the wedding party. For a more casual look, dress shorts, dress shirt and tie are adorable! If it's a girl, a flower girl dress is appropriate. There are even clothes for pets in weddings! 

Remember to consider the parents budget. The child's parent may also be part of the wedding, and that can add up to a big bill! If you can afford it, and especially if you want something extra fancy, don't be afraid to offer to help out.

To carry the rings...We recommend attaching fake rings. Enhance with ribbon, raffia, paint, fabric, shells, twigs, buttons, bows, or flowers. Use what matches your colors and theme...

  • Wooden boxes
  • Baseball glove
  • Miniature cars or boats
  • Family bible or favorite book
  • Small pillows, from burlap to satin
  • Large shells for a beach wedding 
  • Pet collars (for your furry friends)
  • Musical instruments. We attached a beautiful pillow on top of a decorated tambourine for our nephew's (who's a musician) wedding.

Tips for the walk...

  • Practice, practice, practice! Make sure to include them in on the rehearsal.
  • Take a potty break beforehand..needs no explanation!
  • Seat his or her parents on the aisle, and near the front so that he can see them, and sit down easily.
  • Most importantly, remember you're dealing with a child, and anything can happen. And if it does, have a sense of humor! 

In what order do they walk?...In most cases, they walk right behind the last bridesmaid, and before the flower girl. Of course, it depends on customs and traditions in your community and religion.

Pick Your Pet...For the pet lovers out there, your ring bearer can also be your favorite furry friend! To many, the family pet is an important part of the family.

Tips for pets in weddings...

  • Check with the venue to make sure pets are allowed.
  • Recruit a handler to escort your pet down the aisle, and hire a pet sitter for after the ceremony.
  • Let your guests know, in case anyone has allergies. Your wedding website would be a great place for that.
  • Have someone carry your furry ring bearer in a wagon, if you're not sure they'll make it down the aisle. 
  • From the pets collar, hang the rings (we recommend fake). 
  • Dress them up, but make sure it's something that is comfortable. And bring plenty of treats and water. 
  • Just like we advised for kids...take a potty break beforehand!
  • Most important tip...just like with children, anything can happen. And if it does, have a sense of humor! 


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Great pet clothes cheap...Amazon.com