How To Create Your Wedding Budget

The wedding budget plan should start as soon as you decide to get married! It's a great time to start talking about  what you're going to spend, and how you can save...

Begin your wedding budget plan...

Sit down with your fiance and talk about both of your expectations, how much you REALLY can afford, and what will be your top priorities.

Ideally, you will enter your married life free from debt! It takes lots of planning and self-control.

  • From the beginning, speak directly with both set of parents, or anyone else who may be contributing to the wedding about expectations and responsibilities. This can be a touchy topic, so be sensitive of others’ financial situation. Much has been written about who pays for what. There is much less burden on one family to pay for the wedding. More couples are paying for the wedding themselves.

One element that hasn't really changed; attendant’s usually pay for his or her own attire and accessories. 

Break down your wedding budget into percentages. Some couples spend 40% - 48% on their wedding reception and assign smaller percentages to all other categories. Decide on where you would like to put emphasis. You may want to put more on the reception, and less on transportation and favors. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

The beauty of setting a solid budget is that it can be adjusted, tweak as you go. You may find great savings in one area, and be able to shift money to another component of the wedding.

Wedding budget


Organization is key! Start a wedding notebook filled with dividers for each category (i.e. Budget, Transportation, Photography, Dress, Attendants). Add pockets to your notebook for business cards, swatches and samples. Don’t just make this notebook! Use it! As part of your organizing, create a time line for when you want to have things done. Using good tools will help you stick to your budget.

Want to organize on the go..there's an app for that! Download from Apple itunes or Google Play depending on the type of phone that you own.

Cheap Wedding Tips:

  • Brainstorm with family members and friends for wedding finance tips.
  • Make a comprehensive list of what you will be spending your wedding budget on. You do not want any surprises later.
  • Think about your resources. Do you have a possible free venue available to you? Is your uncle a great at photography? Can your sister help with favors and decorating?
  • Remember that some early decisions affect your budget in a BIG way! If you cut the guest list, it will cut expenses in almost every category!
  • Choosing any other day than Saturday can save hundreds of dollars, even thousands in some cases.
  • Keep an OPEN mind! There are so many Cheap Chic alternatives around. Check out ideas like sponsorship opportunities for dresses, invitations, food, etc.
  • Don’t forget to add tipping to your budget. You will want to recognize good service.
  • Be willing to do some studying, shopping and learning if you want to save big bucks!
  • One of the most important things.. keep close tabs on what you are spending! 
  • If you have time before the wedding, start saving money for the wedding. Consider picking up an extra job, extra hours, cutting out the expensive coffee or having a garage sale…do whatever it takes to start your life together without big debt!

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