The 2016 Grand Prize Winner of the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin IS......
VAN TRAN of Brooklyn, N.Y.!!!!

Van Tran receiving her Grand Prize winnings of $10,000! Photo;
Grand Prize Winner Van Tran and model wearing Grand Prize Winning Dress. Photo; "AP for Charmin"
Top 3 Winning Dresses of the 2016 TP Wedding Dress Contest Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin. Photo; "AP for Charmin"
Congrats to 2016 Winners and Fan Favorite! From left to right; Ronaldo D Cruz/Fan Fave, Donna Pope Vincler/3rd Place, Van Tran/Grand Prize Winner, & Judith Henry/2nd Place. Photo; "AP for Charmin"

Congratulations to our 2nd Place Winner, Judith Henry!

Photo; AP for Charmin 

Congratulations to our 3rd Place Winner, Donna Vincler!

Photo; AP for Charmin

And, Congratulations to our 2016 Fan Favorite, Ronaldo D. Cruz!

Ronaldo D. Cruz; 2016 Fan Favorite! Photo; "AP for Charmin"

Watch The Contest Here

Wedding Contest 2016 Finale!

Celebrity Judge; Mikie Russo & model/winning dress. Photo;
Celebrity Judge; Mikie Russo and models 2016. Photo;

Ready to Roll!

Modeling in Susan Brennan's TP Wedding Dress and Sponsor Charmin display. Photo; "AP for Charmin"
Models ready for the Wedding Contest 2016 Finale Photo;

Ready, Set, Selfie!

Ready for the runway, gotta get a selfie! Model wearing TP Wedding dress by Augusto. Photo;

Incredible Closeups!

Beautiful closeup/2016 Grand Prize Winner Van Tran. Photo; "AP for Charmin"
Closeup of train/2016 Grand Prize Winner Van Tran. Photo;

Meet & Greet at Sponsor...Haven Rooftop, NYC!

Cheap Chic Weddings Founders; Laura Gawne & Susan Bain (front row) and Tammy Hurst-Eskine from Charmin, Sarah Sanders from MSL, Vicky Schooler from Charmin. At Sponsor/Haven Rooftop, NYC. Photo;

Voting is Now Closed!

Contest closed at midday, June 15th (EST), thank you for your support!!

Winner will be announced at the live event in NYC, June 16th.

Here Are Your Top 10 Finalists
in the 2016 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Presented By Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin!

Susan B
Frank C
Roy C



Susan M

12th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin Rolls Out

The World Famous Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin starts March 7, 2016 and will end at the live event in New York City at Haven Rooftop at the Sanctuary Hotel on June 16, 2016.

SURPRISE!!!! The finale event will be broadcast live so you can watch it right here as it's happening!

Here's How to Enter:
    *You must use Charmin brand toilet paper.
    *You may use any type of tape and/or any type of glue.
    *Use needle and thread if you like
    *The dress must be able to be worn by a human and be able to be taken on and off.
    *Take well lit digital photos of the front, side and back of the dress and headpiece.
    *Send the photos and  ENTRY FORM to no later than              May 15, 2016 before 11:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

 Please Note the 2016 Shipping Box Restrictions:

Once you enter the 2016 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin, you may be asked to ship your entry via Fedex for further review.

Please note that we must receive entries in boxes that fit within Fedex shipping requirements. Fedex accepts boxes in the sizes that they have listed on their site for sale. You will not be required to purchase from them, but you must use their measurements as a guide.

Entries can be shipped in boxes as large as the Wardrobe Box 60"x24"x22" or the Bike Box 54"x28"x8", or any other box measuring smaller than these.

Remember to read all of the OFFICIAL RULES

Neatness counts, creativity counts, originality counts, workmanship counts and the use of toilet paper counts.

*Charmin coupons available for contestants.

Go big, be bold! Be one of the Top 10 Finalists and we will see you in NYC June 16 for the LIVE event!!!