Wedding Music: How to Choose and Save Money

Choosing your wedding music is a great way to personalize your wedding and really make it your own. It's a chance to create the atmosphere that you want to experience, but can take a chunk out of your wedding budget!

Choosing wedding music...

Ask friends and family for referrals, especially ones that are newly married. This could save you some legwork and money!

Attend bridal shows and events to shop for entertainers, get price lists and samples of their music. Look for coupons, deals or discounts at the shows, events and online.

Book during the "off season", which is typically January, February, and March...and why not get married midweek, or on Sunday, this could be a big money saver! 

Ceremony Music Tips:

  • Ask if your ceremony site has pianists, singers or other performers available who'll perform for free or a small fee.
  • Back to school; Your alma mater, or any local college, or high school may allow students to sing or play at wedding ceremonies. 
  • Go to church; Check with your church for soloists or musicians.
  • Ask a talented friend or family member to sing or play at your ceremony. They will likely feel honored by the request.
  • Check with your local symphony orchestra to inquire about hiring string quartets, harp soloists, jazz trio's and more..
  • Make your own: DIY your playlist, you'll need an iPod/MP3-player and/or laptop. And don't forget a good speaker. Ask a friend to be in charge of playing the tunes.

Reception Music Tips:

  • Combine your ceremony music person with your reception entertainment…you may get a discount. 
  • Deciding whether to choose a band or DJ? The DJ will most likely be the biggest money saving idea. Make sure you find one that can work the mood of the crowd. Go see them perform, ask for a video or playlist beforehand. Get in writing what you want and don't want!
  • If your musicians/band are charging for time. Start the music a little later than dinner and set a definite end time.Tip: Make sure the band that you pick knows the songs that you want, and if they are not willing to play them..move on to someone else. Get everything in writing!
  • If you are having an outdoor wedding, be sure that a good sound system is included in your entertainer’s package. Ask if they can play without power, if it won't be available. No music is worth it if you can’t hear it!

Remember that it’s your wedding and your wedding music. Choose what you love and have fun with it!

Great Resources: 

Choosing your wedding songs helps you to create a flow and lets you incorporate special dances, performances and games.

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