The 2017 GRAnd prize winner of the Toilet paper wedding dress contest
presented by cheap chic weddings and quilted northern®
is Kari Curletto of Las Vegas, NV!!!!

$5000 Second Place winning gown by Susan Brennan of Detroit, MI

$10,000 Grand Prize winning design by Kari Curletto of Las Vegas

$2500 Third Place winning gown by Mimoza Haska of Surfside Beach, SC

Each of these wedding gowns is made only of
Quilted northern® Bathroom tissue, tape, glue and thread!
Amazing job by all of our contestants this year! 

Presentation of the Big Check to Kari. Judges were Brian Rice of Quilted Northern® (left), Mara Urshel of Kleinfeld Bridal, Laura and Susan of CCW, Edward Meyer of Ripley's and Mikie Russo Lifestyle Expert!

2nd Place Winner Susan Brennan, her model, Fan Favorite Ronaldo Cruz and his model, Grand Prize Winner Kari Curletto and her model, and Mimoza Haska's model with her.

Check out the video recap of the 2017 contest!


2017 Launch Video and Call for Entries

The Top Four of 2017! Entries from left to right by Susan Brennan, Ronaldo Cruz, Kari Curletto and Mimoza Haska

Ronaldo's model shows off his Fan Favorite entry. The audience always enjoys seeing the TP Gown up close.

Susan B and her model spending quality time before the start of the finale.

VIP Judge Mara Urshel, owner of Kleinfeld Bridal, greets our audience.

Augusto prepping his gown for the runway.

Our esteemed judges Brian Rice of Quilted Northern® and Mikie Russo, Lifestyle Expert and Celebrity Wedding and Party Planner.

Susan MW's model waiting in the wings...

Mimoza readies her model for the big reveal.

Our models have such poise while waiting around...a lot!
Bet you didn't think you could iron TP! Well Lindsay does very carefully!
All eyes on Mimoza's masterpiece!
Carol doing her finishing touches.
Roy is always calm, cool and collected when he gets ready.
Kari and her model adjust butterflies pre-show.
Augusto paying attention to detail!
Ashley was also one of our ironers!
Susan MW snapping a few photos before runway time.
Our contestants loved working with Quilted Northern®!
Van tending to her model and gown before the runway finale.
Kari and her model on the set of Good Morning America Weekend

Big Thanks to all of our sponsors!
You are greatly appreciated!



Voting is now Finished! Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote, these will be tallied and results presented at the prizegiving.

The 2017 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Quilted Northern® has launched another fabulous year! We can't wait to see all of the amazing gowns for 2017.

Are you planning to enter or know someone that would like to? Make sure to check out all the pages here. You can find Inspiration before you start. It also has some helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

You can take a look at previous dresses from the past contests to get ideas. And definitely make sure you read the Official Rules, as they sometimes change from year to year. 

If you make it as one of the Top 10 Finalists, we will fly you to New York for the finale runway judging event on July 20, 2017! You will join us along with the other finalists and all of the top ten entries and give you the experience of a lifetime! Plus if you're the Grand Prize Winner, you'll receive $10,000!!!! Second Place gets $5,000. and Third Place gets $2500. 

Stay tuned for all the details right here. Good luck and we hope to see you in the Top 10!