5 Tier Walmart Wedding Cake For $135 and Photos

by TMD
(Northwest Florida)

5 Tier Walmart Wedding Cake

5 Tier Walmart Wedding Cake

5 Tier Walmart Wedding Cake Walmart Wedding Cake

Wanted to upload photos of my five-tier wedding cake I got from Walmart for $135.

My guest loved the cake and assumed the cake came from an expensive bakery or Publix Bakery.

I was so pleased with the outcome! Take my advice, save your hard earned dollars and get your wedding cake from Walmart...your guests won't know unless you tell them!

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Response To Krysta
by: tlmac1000

Hi Krysta,
My maid of honor picked the cake up for me. Walmart had each individual cake boxed up and they included the items to set the cake up. I paid someone a minimum fee($25) to set the cake up for me, and it turned out beautifully!

You may have a family member or friend who can set the cake up for you free of charge. I was told it was quite simple to set-up, as an associate in the Walmart Bakery instructed the person who set my cake up on how to do it. The cake looked really grand and expensive, and I was pleased with the savings to our wallet!

However, the base the 5-tier cascading cake was on was made out Styrofoam, so be careful as to not tip the cake over. We didn't have any problems, and I don't anticipate you will either.

Good luck to you Krysta, and congratulations on your upcoming marriage!!!!

Tight Budget
by: Krysta

Can you please tell me how your cake was transported? I love it and the price is unbeatable, but I don't know how I would get it to my venue without ruining it!

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