5 Tips For Brides Using Fake Wedding Cakes

by Anya Skwarek
(New York, NY)

Fake Wedding Cakes

Fake Wedding Cakes

Fake cakes are becoming popular among savvy, budget conscious brides for good reason. With a fake cake you can have a amazing wedding cake at half the price. Below are the five tips so you can have a great experience with your fake cake.

1. Tell your venue and/or caterer that you’ll be having a fake cake and discuss how you want them to handle it so you’ll both know what to expect on your wedding day. Topics to discuss with your venue include: when they will carry the display cake back to the kitchen, how (if at all) they will store the artificial fake once it has been removed to the kitchen, and when and where they will serve the sliced sheet cake.

2. If you’re ordering a fake wedding cake online, make sure it’s the right size. The height of a tier can vary greatly, from 3 inches to 6 inches tall so a 3-tier cake can be anywhere from 9 inches to 18 inches tall.

3. Add the real cake to the special compartment before the day of your wedding. The morning of your wedding there will be so much going on you don’t want to worry about slipping away to deal with the fake cake.

4. Order sheet cakes with frosting that matches the color of the fondant on your fake cake. White and chocolate are the easiest colors to match while pastel shades are more difficult.

5. If it’s a rental cake, ask a family member or bridesmaid to collect the fake cake at the end of the night. Many venues won’t allow you to keep the display cake on their premises after the reception ends. This can be a hassle especially if you don’t want to let anyone in on the fake cake secret. If you’re worried about losing the security deposit, buy the fake cake instead of renting. Buying a fake cake is a little more expensive but then you won’t have to worry about returning it or damaging it and losing the security deposit.

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