50/50 Raffles

Prior to our wedding we went to various locations like Wal-Mart and college campuses and held 50/50 raffles. We sold tickets for $1 a piece or 6 for $5 or 10 for $8. We would then give away 1/2 the money to the winner and keep the rest.

It wasn't false advertising, we clearly stated it was a 50/50 raffle and didn't specify where the other half of the money would go to.

But if people asked we would tell the truth and say, "Us". Most people just laughed like that was perposterous and bought tickets anyway. We made over $3000 towards our wedding and honeymoon.

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by: Teddy Bear

I agree, if it's legal (probably have to pay a permit fee or something) then I totally want to do this! What an outstanding, fabulous, amazing way to raise money!!!!

Wow! I'm going to check with my town & surrounding towns to see what's involved in doing this idea. If it's legal and if I do need permits, if not a big price then I'm all over this one!!!

Thank you so much for the GREAT idea. Good luck with your marriage and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and never-ending love.



WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!!! But before I pitch the idea I wondered if it is legal do that... I would hate to earn money all to no avail since I'd be paying bail with it lol.

Does anyone know???

Great idea!!
by: Anonymous

This is such a smart idea considering the only cost to you was the raffle tickets and your time, but out of curiosity, did you make sure this was legal? I want to pitch the idea to my mother in law! Its brilliant!!

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