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The Cheap Weddings E-zine, Issue #007
June 15, 2004
The Cheap Weddings E-zine will bring you more ideas for cheap wedding invitations, gowns, cakes and more.

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Table of Contents

- New Ideas

- Q&A

-Love It....Hate It



New Ideas

White Paper Weddings

A fantastic way to have a gorgeous wedding for super cheap is with white paper. You could make white tissue paper flowers for your bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces. White paper origami birds and butterflies make beautiful decorations, especially outside (hang with monofilament aka fishing line). White paper decoration could also be pinwheels, fans and even favor bags or cones.

Use paper cones to hold confetti made from white paper. The craft store has paper punches in various shapes i.e. hearts, big circles, diamonds, etc.

There are numerous books and online resources with detailed instructions for all of these projects.


Dear Cheap-Chic-Weddings,

Iím getting married next March and am already excited about selecting dresses and flowers. I feel the flowers are most important in selecting the colors for the occasion. Iím from South Carolina and weíre looking to have an outdoor wedding and indoor reception at the same facility. What flowers are best for the season? Any ideas? Would love your help.

Thanks! Nikki

Hi Nikki,

If the azaleas and dog woods are blooming in your state in March, youíre in luck. Azaleas would make a spectacular centerpiece for the head table. Put a soaked oasis (the size you want) on a tray and cover with azaleas on all sides. If you use azaleas you can use dogwood blooms with them. Smaller arrangements of azaleas could be used on the guestís tables. Azaleas are white, pink, red or kind of a fuchsia. If you know someone who has azaleas in their yard they may let you pick them.

If you still have camellias in March they are beautiful floating in bowls on the tables. Look in thrift stores for bowls.

You could buy pots of azaleas (or any kind of flower) at the garden shop. Cover the pots with tulle. Very pretty. Camellias are white, pink or red.

Hereís another idea. Buy a beautiful, bloom filled hanging plant at your garden center. Take the wires off and cover the pot with tulle held with a rubber band at the top. Let it sprawl on the table. Make sure itís not too high. You can use it after the wedding. Just put the wires back on and hang it.

If there is and archway outside, cover it with fresh greens of any sort and stick in a few blooms like magnolias maybe.

Good luck and congratulations.


Love It.........Hate It

Love It:

1. Dogs in weddings - check out Small Dog Info

2. Destination weddings

3. All White weddings

Hate It:

1. Gaudy over decorated cakes

2. Boring wedding toasts (if you canít do it yourself, get professional help - see our wedding toast page)

3. Bad, unenthusiastic rehearsal dinner


ďBrite SmileĒ tooth whitening pen

For an extra sparkling smile on your wedding day, try this pen. You brush it on for instant whitening, plus it has a bleaching agent for the longer term. Use it right before your ceremony and pictures for dazzling teeth. You have to get from your dentist but itís only about $20.00.


When you meet someone who can cook and do housework ó donít hesitate a minute, marry him.


Comments/Ideas/Feedback? We'd love to hear from you. just reply to this zine and tell us what you think.

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