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The Cheap Weddings E-zine, Issue #019
May 15, 2005
The Cheap Weddings E-zine will bring you more ideas for cheap wedding invitations, gowns, cakes and more.

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Table of Contents

- New Ideas

- Q&A

-Love It....Hate It



New Ideas

Placing a cherished photo in your bridal bouquet is a really romantic sentiment.


Dear Cheap Chic Weddings

My family is pretty small but my fiancés family is large. The problem is they want to invite EVERYONE and we are on a tight budget. How can we handle this without hurting their feelings?


Dear Katie,

First decide on your wedding budget. That will dictate how many people you will invite. Set a limit on how many guests each family can invite. You and your fiancé should sit down with your future in-laws and explain the plan to them. Tell them that your budget allows for them to invite X amount of guests.

Best of Luck,


Love It.........Hate It

Love It:

1. Renewing your wedding vows yearly. (It doesn’t have to be an expensive or elaborate celebration.)

2. Monochromatic Receptions: (ie: choose 1 bold color for your favors, flowers, candles, place cards, decorations etc.)

3. Metallic-touched make-up.

Hate It:

* Matching your make-up to your wedding dress or bridesmaids dress. Make-up looks best matched to your hair and skin.


We love Neutrogena Instant Bronze self-tanner for glowing skin at your summer wedding. It has a bronze color so you can see what you’re doing when applying. The tan sets in about 30 minutes, but you can get dressed 5 minutes after application. It comes in medium and dark tones. I have used this stuff and it really looks nice on your skin. The best part is you can get it at the drugstore. Don’t get burned before your wedding day. You don’t want to look like a lobster. Having a nice healthy natural glow will make you look fabulous on your big day and your honeymoon.


What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.

Leo Tolstoy

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