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Hot Wedding News -The Cheap Weddings E-zine, Issue #041
October 15, 2006
The Cheap Weddings E-zine will bring you more ideas for cheap wedding invitations, gowns, cakes and more.

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Table of Contents

- Money Saving Tip

- New Ideas

- Q&A

-Love It....Hate It



Money Saving tip

If you're having a fall wedding why not use fall leaves in your bouquet with a few fall flowers. such as mums. Maybe you live where you can ge fall leaves free, but if you don,t you can get them very inexpensively at the craft store. Use just leaves for bridesmaids bouquets and leaves for flower girl baskets. Don't forget you can use them for boutonniers also. Centerpieces made from leaves and fruit such as apples or pumpkins are beautiful. All of these are very inexpensive.

New Ideas

Sparkling and bejewled dresses are hot for fall. No matter what era they're from, glitter is the thing.


We recently read a Q&A that questioned whether you should give gifts for encore weddings. The answer was no. We just want to say we disagree. You really have to know the situation. If it is one of the couples first time around don't you think there should be a gift or even if it's not their first time maybe they didn't get to keep anything from the first wedding. There are lots of things to take into consideration.

Love It.........Hate It

Love It:

* Centerpieces made with ribbon instead of flowers. It makes an impressive showing for not a lot of money. Just tie ribbons ontoa very small dowels wrapped with floral tape and stick into floral foam. Leave long tails of ribbon.

* Mexican paper flags. Use a lot for big impact. Get them at

* Serving food family style at the reception

Hate It:

* That brides get uptight about their wedding. It should be exciting but enjoyable with no fuss about it. Have a small wedding with only the people you love the most.


We love One-time-use cancorders. Disposable still cameras set on recetion tables are great but now you can hand out disposable camcorders to your guests. Set one on each table and let your guests "film" the fun. Drop the recorders off at a CVS locatin to have them transferred to DVD. They capture 20 minutes of footage and cost about $30.00 each plus $13.00 for processing. Way cheaper than hiring someone to capture your receptiopn movie magic.


There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.

~ Martin Luther

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