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Exciting News from #56
January 09, 2008
The Cheap Weddings E-zine will bring you more ideas for cheap wedding invitations, gowns, cakes and more.

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Table of Contents

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- Money Saving Tip

- New Ideas

- Q&A

-Love It!



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Read All About It: Exciting News from!!!
  • Congratulations to our loyal readers Jennifer and Doy Nichols. This Cheap Chic Couple got married at the Charmin Public Restrooms in Times Square on Wednesday. December 19, 2007. The happy couple were chosen from among our readers and treated to there unique wedding by the great folks at Charmin! The bride’s Charmin Toilet Paper Wedding Dress was created by Hanah Kim, 2007 winner of the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest! The Lexington, Kentucky couple also won a honeymoon trip to Destination Kohler in Kohler, Wisconsin from Charmin as well. We were lucky to attend the nuptials and we wish Jennifer and Doy all the best!!

  • Congratulations to Bonnie Bass…winner of our $100 giveaway for December 2007!!

  • Wonderful things are still coming from our Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contests! The Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museums will soon display some of the previous contestant dresses in London! We could not be more proud of the talented brides that participate each year!!! Stay tuned as we will be announcing details for the 2008 contest real soon.

    Warm Regards...

    Sue, Laura and Roxie 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

    Money Saving tip

    Try our Cheap Chic Upside Down Table Arrangement: Buy some inexpensive flowers like pink or red carnations. Remove the petals and spread them all over your table top. Be very generous. In the center of the table, place a few small vases filled with pretty greenery or green branches! You can use this idea for Valentine’s Day, Engagement Dinners or a main table at your wedding.

    New Ideas

    The always stylish people at Pantone, Inc. (the global authority on color) have announced that the color of 2008 is Blue Iris! They predict that you will see it in all aspects of design. The wedding industry is never far behind on these color trends!



    I am getting married in February and I wondered if it would be alright if my bridesmaids wore black? Some of my family doesn’t think it would be. Would you please let me know what you think?



    Hi Carrie,

    Thank you so much for your e mail and congratulations. Put your mind at ease. It is perfectly appropriate for the attendants to wear black. In fact, it is very elegant looking. Men in weddings often wear black tuxedos and that really makes for a great look.

    Black looks great with sparkling jewelry as well. White or brightly colored flowers are a good choice also. Don’t forget, if you love it is O.K. Good luck.

    Best regards,


    Love It!

    Love It!:

    • The return of the girlish figure. We love that dresses will soon show accent on the waist and hourglass figures!

    • You will see the return of romantic dresses…sheer fabrics are hot and so are delicate details.

    • We still love romantic lighting at weddings. It is possible to have inexpensive lighting features at your wedding.

    • Try to turn off the fluorescent lights and turn up the candle power. Everyone looks beautiful by candlelight!


    Gift Cards are more popular than ever! If guests ask you for an idea for a gift…suggest a gift card from your favorite department store or home improvement warehouse. Many local grocery stores carry gift cards for all types of places these days!


    Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts.

    ~William Shakespeare

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