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Are You Entering? #59
May 01, 2008

The Cheap Weddings E-zine will bring you more ideas for cheap wedding invitations, gowns, cakes and more.

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Table of Contents

- Extra Extra

- Money Saving Tip

- New Ideas

- Q&A

-Love It!




This years contest promises to be bigger and better than ever. We are proud to say we are being sponsored by Charmin toilet paper and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

All you have to do to enter is make a wedding dress out of Charmin toilet paper, tape and/or glue only. Send in a front, back and side photo of your creation and email it to us at

Each entry must be kept intact as top dresses will be sent in for final judging.

We would also LOVE to receive some video footage this making of and a good modeling of the dress(although it's not necessary to win).

This year's grand prize is a $1000.00 American Express Gift Card. The 2nd place winner will get a $500.00 gift card. 3rd place receives a $250.00 gift card. There will also be $100 given to Honorable Mentions.

Each entrant will receive a Charmin coupon to reimburse you for toilet paper. And Ripley's is giving away one of their cool books to each winner. They are also going to put the top dresses in one of their Ripley's Believe It or Not museums!

HEY...good luck and we'll look forward to your entry between April 28, 2008 and June 2, 2008!

Laura, Roxie and Sue

Money Saving tip

* Winning any one of the prizes in the contest could be a big help with your wedding...or anything else.

New Ideas

Ruffles. Well they are new but they are big this season. You can incorporate some on your toilet paper wedding gown if you like.


Dear LeeAnn,

Do you have to be getting married to enter the toilet paper wedding dress contest?

Thank You,


Dear Tia,

No. Anyone in the world who is 18 or older is eligible as long as it is not prohibited by law in their location. Looking forward to your entry. Warm regards,


Love It!

Love It!:

Wonderful Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses. Here's some tips for creating a winning dress: Good design is one of the main things we judge on. Scour magazines and study past winning entries for inspiration. Don't forget to put your original twist on it as originality is important. Good photos are important. Make sure pics are well lit and it doesn't hurt to have a good background.


Charmin toilet paper. Everyone here at Cheap Chic Weddings has personally used Charmin for years. There is a strong and a soft. The strong is especially great for a toilet paper wedding dress.


Wouldn't it be cool to have your toilet paper wedding dress in a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. Very inspiring.

Comments/Ideas/Feedback? We'd love to hear from you. just reply to this zine and tell us what you think.

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