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Who Else Wants To Save Money On Their Wedding?
March 15, 2011

The Cheap Weddings E-zine will bring you more ideas for cheap wedding invitations, gowns, cakes and more.

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Table of Contents

- Extra Extra

- Money Saving Tip

- New Ideas

- Q&A

-Love It! Hate It!




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Exciting News! We are now featuring YOUR stories, photos and ideas on Cheap Chic With the help of Content 2.0 you can share your best, worst, funniest, craziest, coolest wedding tips, concepts, thoughts or whatever.

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Money Saving Tips

* Skip the Champagne and just toast with the wine at the table.

* For a whimsical wedding use pinwheels instead of bouquets for the bridesmaids.

New Ideas

Tiers on wedding dresses. Tiers made of ruffles, chiffon or pleats are showing up everywhere.



I'm planning on getting married in December of this year and my fiance and I will be moving overseas immediately following the wedding due to my job. I was reading in the "Wedding Etiquette" section that it is tacky to ask for money instead of a gift. Would this still be the case considering our situation? Thank you for your time and a GREAT site!!

...written by a man who is learning everyday...


Hi Joel,

Thanks for your kind words! You can tastefully ask for cash by telling the attendants and friends to pass the word around. People need to know that due to your circumstances cash would be the best thing to do. Best of luck!

Warm Regards,


Love It! Hate It!

Love It!:

* Short wedding dresses in all the bridal magazines inspired by our toilet paper wedding dress contest winner last year! Great job Galit!

* Green flowers, green apples and green grass for a wonderfully refreshing Spring wedding. It’s classic, easy and inexpensive.

Hate It!:

* We are not big fans of the TLC show “Say Yes To The Dress”. It is just unrealistic and ridiculous. There is always a huge group of family and friends chiming in on whether they like the dress or not. Then there’s almost always a sales person on the brink of getting fired and the dresses are thousands of dollars… could have an entire cheap CHIC wedding for less than some of the gowns. Enough said.


William-Sonoma’s mini tiered cakelet pan. William-Sonoma can be pricey but with this cake pan you can make 6 adorable mini tiered cakes at one time. Perfect instead of cupcakes. Or use them for centerpieces/wedding favors. The pan costs $36.


Once in awhile, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale.

~ Anonymous

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