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Wedding Contest Winner Announced!
July 07, 2011

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July 7, 2011

Table of Contents

- Extra Extra

- Money Saving Tip

- New Ideas

- Q&A

-Love It! Hate It!




We have crowned a winner for Cheap Chic Weddings 7th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest....See the incredible Toilet Paper Gowns

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Money Saving Tips

Paint inexpensive glass vases or jars with spray paint, in your colors. You can also get a marbled effect by putting a teaspoon of each paint color inside the clear glass container. Keep swirling around to get the marbled effect. Painting polka dots on the outside of the glass in your colors is a pretty look. You can do this with a paint pen.

New Ideas

Painted decor! Giant trompe l'oeil sets can serve as backdrops at your wedding site or reception. Think about giant bird cages or hand drawn curtains. If you are talented or have a friend or family that can paint sets like this for's a dramatic way to get visual impact.


Dear LeeAnn,

Help. My fiance's parents want to invite way too many people. Some of these people they barely know! It is more than my parents can afford. How can I solve this?

Thank You,


Dear Madeline,

Your fiance has to sit his parents down and explain the situation to them. Tell them that given the budget, it is impossible to invite everyone on their list. Or maybe they would want to contribute the money for all the extras. Sincerely,


Love It! Hate It!

Love It!:

*Romantic feminine wedding dresses that are very popular right now.

*Cheap chic versions coming out of Princess Catherine's wedding dress

*DIY paper flags to dress up your reception. Hang them from the ceiling or decorate the cake table. You can use them anywhere and they are easy to make.

Hate It!:

*Couples spending more money on their wedding than they have to and especially if they borrow the money.

Reviews is a free market place for buying and selling wedding dresses, accessories etc. Budget wedding dresses are available. Check it out.


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