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It's Here! Plus A Special To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding!
April 17, 2013

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April 17, 2013

It's Here!

The World Famous Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest is HERE!

Fashion a wedding dress out of Charmin toilet paper, tape and/or glue and/or needle and thread.

Enter for a chance to win $2000. and a trip to New York City for the live judging event at RK Bridal.

Get all the details and Official Rules at Cheap Chic Weddings Hope to see your creation in the Winner's Circle.

Lose Weight For Your Big Day

My sister and I have signed up for a program called, "Get the Body You Love In 90-Days" and our trainer, Michelle Melendez, is offering the first call in our program for free. We wanted to let you know about it.

To register go to:

If you have been trying to lose weight for a while and nothing seems to work, you could be ADDICTED to the struggle of being overweight.

This idea of being "Addicted" to struggling to lose weight really resonated with us. We've tried a lot of things and always seem to gain the weight back.

Michelle's program speaks to something different. It doesn't just go over diet and exercise. It's going to take us on a journey to understand how to release the addiction to being overweight.

We're super excited and wanted you to have a chance to learn about this program wether you want to lose before your wedding or you just want to get in shape.

To register and learn more go to:

The call is TONIGHT, April 17th at 6pm PST.

If you miss it, the call will be recorded and you'll receive the recording.

What if it was possible to live a life without the struggle of being overweight?

What if you didn't think about your weight? What would you think about?

It's time to find out don't you think?

To register go to: Get The Body You Love

All my best,


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