Accidental Skirt

I spilled soda all over my jean skirt while I was at a Chinese buffet and inconviniently they didn't have one of those hand dryers in the bathroom so magically I decided to take my mini skirt off stick it in my purse and grab a roll of paper towel and toilet paper.

Frist I made a solid bottom layer and then added ruffled layers and made tiny bow and a beltish bow ting to hold it up.

When I left the bathroom a lady came up to me and asked where I got my skirt. I replied by telling her my embarrasing story and explaining that I'd just made it in the bathroom.

It also turned out that this lady had a lot of money on her and would invest it in me if I opened my own buisness one day.

Today I'm 18 and my college major is art design. I have decided that I will try to open a buisness.

I still have my paper skirt but will not post any pictures because I don't want my designs stolen.

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Creative Thinking
by: Leeann

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