Amazing New Family

by Heidi

All was going well, I had my Vera Wang wedding dress 2 months before the wedding and the bridesmaids had their dresses also. The place was picked out and everything was perfect. I had made the mistake of saying that out loud 3 weeks before the wedding, and then it all went downhill...

I have always been very grateful of my amazing family before this, but it was really this event that put me over the edge.

I had ordered the wedding cake 7 weeks ahead of time and the bakery said that it was no problem at all and it would be ready to pick up the day of the wedding, so i left the bakery with a big smile on my face.

The wedding approaced fast and a week before, I got a call saying that the bakery was not able to do my cake, because they were closed for construction, and I could not get a re-fund with the pre pay. I started calling around different places to see if anyone could make a cake in such short notice, and I got negative feed back from everywhere I called.

I finally decided not to have a cake. I was really sad about this because it was something I was really looking forward to. My husband had told his mother and she called me, and told me that she and my sister-in-laws could all bake cup cakes for us. I did'nt really want cup cakes, but it was a 100% up grade from no cake at all.

It was finally the day of the wedding and my mother and sister-in-laws were all done
with the cup cakes. They had met me at the curch when I was getting ready and helped me into my dress and I helped them with theirs. The ceremony was over and I was finally married!

We all went to the reception and my friend asked if we should cut the cake, and i said "Oh, we don't have to because it is cup cakes and they are already for serving" and I relalized how perfect that was, no extra work!

My friend asked " um...what are you talking about?" so I began to explain to her when my husband stood up and pulled me up as well. I had no idea what we were doing. He said that there was a suprise that someone had for us, so I followed, wondering what it was.

The doors of the tent opened and in came the most beautiful cake I could have ever imagined! My mother in law lied and said she would make cup cakes so she could suprise us with an actual cake! The cake had a similar look to my dress, and I later found out that she had taken the pictures of my dress, so she could make it into a cake!

I was so in love with this cake, that I couldnt contain it! i started to tear up with the biggest smile on my face!

My husband and I ran over to my mother-in-law who had wheeled the cake in along with my sister-in-laws and hugged them all for like 5 minutes and wouldnt stop thanking them!

The wedding was on July 18th, 2009 and we are still thanking them!

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by: Anonymous

I would love to see a picture of the cake, it sounds beautiful, and your MIL is very sweet.

This Is The Sweetest Mother In Law Story !
by: Stalker

Awww! That is the BEST IN-LAWS story I have ever heard!Tell your Mother In Law that she is truly a blessing and a gift from God. So many Mother In Laws make their Daughter In Laws uncomfortable,or fight with them,but yours is truly a gem.:-)

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