borrowing and buying cheap DIY

by Christine
(Mobile, al)

I dont have a large wedding budget but I still want to look like I did.

I went to the dollar store and spent about 15 dollars on some glass vases. I will be putting one rose in it and filling it with water. I got a box of floating candles from the craft store and used the weekly 40% off coupon. Float the candles on top of the rose in water and I have 15 centerpieces for 20 bucks and a dozen roses at the store 10 dollars. Grand total 30 dollars for 15 table centerpieces..and candles always look nice for an evening event.

I ordered Chinese paper lanterns on "" for a dollar a piece and the LED lights to go in them for 1.29 so depending on how big the area you might only have to spend 20.00.

Ebay can be your friend for used items and make your own items like your bouquet instead of spending 150.00 from the florist. I am fortunate to know how to bake and decorate so I can make my own cake but there are many cake bakers out there that just do it for fun and will cut you a deal..look on facebook.

And instead of 100 chair sashes at 2 dollars a piece I went to the local fabric store, checked out the clearance and found black satin for 3.00 a yard. Bought about 6 yards and cut it myself and with the weekly coupon at half off I spent about 7 dollars on the sashes I need for my chairs.

It may be time consuming but it is worth it when it comes to saving money. And when it is all over you can sell it or donate it to a local school for kids to do projects with. If you need any help, I am very creative.

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