Save Money With Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Bridal bouquet ideas from a special friend or relative are the nicest. When it's made with love it is always beautiful.

It should include some your favorite flowers, which can be done in different styles. The color is entirely up to you, but we would have it go along with the colors of the wedding. 

A simple idea would be a pretty bunch of flowers with a nice ribbon tied around it. This would be great for an informal wedding, such as a beach wedding. 

A single gorgeous bloom such as a Calla Lilly is very elegant and very trendy these days. Just tie a nice ribbon around it. How simple is that?

For more complex arrangements you will need floral wire and tape. When using a flower with a thick stem, such as roses, cut the stem off, insert wire through the base of the rose, bend down the portion you punched through the flower and wrap with floral tape.

Make your bouquet with flowers that have a thick stem or you will have a huge mass of flowers. Wrap the stems with a pretty ribbon and use a pearl head pin to attach to the stems. Trailing greens such as Ivy or any flowing flower or green would look great in the bouquet. A mix of flowers as well as one kind may be used for this bridal bouquet idea.

Fresh bouquets should be made just a few hours before the wedding, sprayed with a little water and put into the refrigerator. Be sure and have it to her in time for the pictures.

A silk arrangement can be made very inexpensively. Check out your favorite craft store for that.