Create Bridal Shower Food And Menus

The bridal shower food that you choose to serve depends totally on when, where and who is coming to the shower. 

Traditionally, the menu would include light fare or finger foods enjoyed mostly by women.

This does not mean you cannot have a hot meal, or elaborate dishes. 

However, keep your budget in mind. Couples showers sometimes include much larger meals.

The biggest way to save money is to make the food yourself. As hostess, don't try to take this task on alone. 

Recruit family and friends and bridesmaids to help prepare the dishes.

Bridal shower food choices go on and on and on. Make menu decisions based on your comfort level and consider theme, locale, and budget.


  • Barbecues are fun and casual. They are great when the fellows are invited as well. Keep it simple, though, burgers, hotdogs and baked beans are ideal and money saving.
  • Have your guests bring a covered dish. Potluck style is always inexpensive and time saving, as well as delicious.
  • Afternoon Tea is ideal for the ladies. Serve tea, punch and finger sandwiches. Adding gelatin Salad is a traditional touch.
  • Serve hors d'oeuvres or finger foods only. If the shower is at an odd time of day, finger foods fit the bill. Use inexpensive trays from the local deli or supermarket or make them yourself. The choices are endless. Use chicken drumettes, cheese and crackers, mini meatballs, cut vegetables and dip, chips and dip, deli meat platters with bread are only the beginning of ideas. Check your cookbooks and magazines for more ideas.
  • Dessert and coffee can be an elegant choice. Make a few homemade decadent desserts and serve them with some gourmet coffee and flavored creams. This is great for afternoon or after dinner showers.
  • Wine and Cheese can also be served at an afternoon or after dinner shower. Make sue to offer something to the teetotalers. Buy the wine and cheese according to your personal budget.
  • Lunch Buffet can be cheap if you plan ahead. Serve attractive sandwiches and salads. Presentation is everything. Make the buffet decorative, fun and appetizing. Serve the food at different levels for interest.
  • House Specialty. Every cook has a specialty. If you cook something that everyone loves, go with what you know! Don't stress out by cooking something you have never cooked before.