Ideas For Bridal Shower Party Favors

Bridal Shower Party Favors are given to guests at the end of the festive day. Cheap favors don't have to look cheap. The hostess will save a lot of money if they are homemade. Plus they are unique and more personal than store bought wedding shower favors.


  • Miniature plants or flowers in miniature hand painted pots, using the colors appropriate for the theme.
  • Small picture frames displaying a personalized thank you note.
  • Rewrap a chocolate bar, like a Hershey's Bar, with a personalized label that you make on your home computer or write by hand. Once your label is made, carefully remove the original label and fold yours around and glue.
  • Fill fabric or tulle with wonderful smelling potpourri and tie with pretty ribbon.
  • Small candles tied with ribbon to match the shower theme.
  • Clear glass vases with a simple floral arrangement. Add a tag with a personal note.
  • If the shower has a kitchen theme, fold kitchen towels in a pretty fashion and tie off with pieces of raffia.
  • Wrap a decorative ribbon, tulle or raffia around a unique wooden spoon.

Don't forget that the Internet has plenty of ideas. Think outside of the box. Look up craft ideas, photo ideas, as well as inexpensive shower favors that can be purchased online.