Delightful Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal shower themes can be as varied as the people you're throwing the wedding shower for. When considering your theme, keep in mind the bride's likes and dislikes, the couple's needs, and the overall theme of the wedding. You might want to consider any hobbies or interests that the bride and groom may have.

Don't forget to consider the location you are planning to use. It is not unusual these days to have a shower at home, work, clubs, or church. If you are thinking of making it a couples shower, remember to include food, games and activities for both sexes.


  • Kitchen Theme where each guest brings a kitchen gift. Decorations should mimic the theme. Use a bouquet of wooden spoons tied with a ribbon. Use herbs in pots for table pieces. Serve food in a buffet style using pots and platters to serve.
  • Recipe Theme where each guest brings 5 recipe cards for the bride. The hostess could purchase a recipe box for all of the recipes. Use your cookbooks to decorate. A mixing bowl makes a great container for a flower arrangement and you can add touches of cooking utensils.
  • Christmas Ornament Theme where each guest brings an ornament or holiday decoration. Use decorations you already have no matter what time of the year. Santa would make a great centerpiece. This theme could apply to any holiday.
  • Linen Themes are where each guest would bring bed, bath or kitchen linens. Use the bride's linen choices as inspiration for decorations. You could use pretty pillows, tablecloths, towels etc.
  • Era Shower Themes are loads of fun. Of course any era can be used. 1940s, 1950s, and so on are fun to dress up for and decorate for.
  • Beach or Luau Theme can be casual and fun and is perfect for couples showers. Decorate using grass skirts, straw hats, big leaves and palm fronds.
  • Lingerie Theme where the bride receives lingerie from each guest. You could decorate lamps in the room with doilies or lace or scarves. Buy some inexpensive children's boas and use them around the room. Use little girls dress-up shoes as a centerpiece.

Bridal shower themes can be anything you want them to be. Saving money while considering bridal shower ideas is easy when you use a little imagination and some elbow grease (sweetly scented, of course).