Beautiful Bridesmaid Bouquets,
Corsages and Boutonnieres That You Can Make

Bridesmaid bouquets can be a smaller version of the brides flowers or totally different. 

If it is similar it shouldn't take away from the bride at all.

It could be a different color and definitely with not as many flowers. The same method would be used as for the bridal flowers.

DIY Tips:

  • Cut flower stems to about one inch. Use floral wire cut to the length appropriate for the bridesmaid bouquet. Stick the wire through the base, bend down and wrap around the wire remaining. Wrap with floral tape. Put all the flowers together and wrap with ribbon all the way up the stem. Secure it with a pearl head pin. You can tie a bow around it if you like.
  • Bridesmaid's flowers may be just a mixed bouquet or all the same kind of flowers with a pretty ribbon wrapped around it. It's very simple and very pretty. This bouquet could have a small amount of flowers and still look wonderful.
  • Another great idea is to use one large flower with a ribbon tied around it. This is very pretty and very simple. A flower, such as one rose, works great without a ribbon
  • A hydrangea bridesmaid bouquet can be made by putting just a few together to look like a large flower.
  • Remove all flower leaves. Put the blooms together, then surround with the leaves. Wire the leaves to the blooms. Tie a ribbon around the wire to hide the wire.


A corsage is made by putting an odd number of flowers together. I think three is nice. If the stems are thick use the same method as for the wired bridesmaid bouquet above. The stems should be cut to about three inches. After the stems are wrapped add the filler flowers and greens and tape all together. Tie with a ribbon. Pin on with a pearl head pin.


The boutonnieres are usually a flower that is the same as a flower in the bride's bouquet. They are easy to make. Just cut the stem to about three inches, wrap with floral tape and that's it. Include a pearl head pin with it.

Bridesmaid bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres have endless possibilities. Make them beautiful to enhance the wedding.