Candle Wedding Favors Are Easy And Useful

Candle types you may find...

  • Mini wedding cake candles
  • Monogrammed candles
  • Jar candles
  • Animal themed candles
  • Food shaped candles

Candle wedding favors make great gifts. When you give away a candle, you know that most everyone will use it.

Candles are really a great bargain and there are a lot of options when choosing them as favors.

You can go one of two ways here. You can make your own or purchase them.

If you make your own, you may end up spending as much or more that purchasing finished favors.

Many resources on the internet offer beautiful candle favors at very reasonable prices. We have seen some as low as a dollar or two. The prices on almost all of the places we found went down even more when you order large quantities.

The upside of making your own is that you can always do it exactly as you want to. You can use containers that you choose and colors that you choose.

You can do something as simple as a votive candle in a glass votive holder, wrapped in an organza bag and tied with coordinating ribbon.

You can also do elaborate hand beading, decorating, and wrapping. It just depends on your budget and your available time and talent.

If you choose to order candle wedding favors, there are many to choose from.