Candy and Ornaments

by Stephen
(Newport, KY)

Take any of your own talents and put them to use. My grandma taught me how to make truffles when I was young.

It was a fun expression of my partner and I, because I love dark Chocolate and hate white chocolate, and he love's white chocolate and hates dark chocolate.

So I made an espresso dark chocolate truffle and a raspberry white chocolate truffle for each guest.

You don't have to be a culinary genius. Google "creme fraiche truffle" recipes. Delicious and unforgettable, or try making a different candy that makes a statement. Big rum balls would be lovely.

I am also a really extravagant origami artist. I picked a simple pattern, and in homage to my man, I made Christmas ornaments for each couple. I folded them out of white paper and painted them iridescent to look like stars or snowballs.

Google "stellated icosahedron" and look for the "sonobe modual"

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