Cascade Wedding Cakes to Save some Dough!

by Kim
(Fountain Hills ,AZ)

I have never been the traditional type of bride, the cake being no exception.

I decided from the very beginning that I wanted my wedding to be very glitsy and glam. I found an idea for a cake stand that incorporates crystal, and in order to give the full effect, I felt I should go with a cascade cake.

Here's where the money saving comes in: Instead of purchasing a cake, for 200 people around $3.50-$4.00 per slice, I decided to go with cascading cakes. By doing this, I can have 7 tiers separated, but still give the awesome presence of a huge wedding cake.

Because each tier is separate, that means I have 7 different cakes (I can have different flavors too, no additional fee).

When going to a cake shop to purchase, I am not paying for the over-priced traditional cake, instead I am paying for 7 "party cakes" which range anywhere between $30-$70 each.

Bottom line: I am getting 2-12in cakes, 2-10in cakes, 2-8in cakes and 1-7in cake for about $400, including the stand(bought online), whereas a cake this size easily would have cost me $800-$1000!!!!

Decorate as you wish, with flowers or through frosting. I chose to do a very simple design on the cakes, since my presentation is where the focus will be!

The picture attached is one I found online, as an add for the stand, I haven't gotten married yet, but when i do, I'll post pics!

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by: Lamor Bavrid

At times when people do tend to overdo things it did really please me to find a set of people who do specializes in keeping things minimal and helping others to do the same too. You people are an inspiration.

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