No Ugly Cheap Bridesmaids Dresses.
Just Cheap AND Chic

    There is simply no reason for cheap bridesmaids dresses to be ugly. None!

    With so many beautiful alternatives, those hideous clown designs are a thing of the past.


  • Stick to one color and fabric and let each bridesmaid pick the style
  • Take it a step further and do the same thing with two-piece bridesmaids dresses. That allows you to mix and match tops and skirts. Attendants can choose a style that flatters their figure
  • You might choose a few dresses and have the girls vote on the best one
  • Any color is appropriate anytime of year. Just make sure the fabric is right for the season (i.e. nothing heavy in the summer or flimsy in the winter)
  • You could also choose one color and use different shades (i.e. dark blue, navy, indigo)
  • Check out prom dresses
  • Scour the formal dresses in department stores
  • Look through fashion catalogues. I ordered my attendants' dresses from Victoria's Secret Catalogue! They were beautiful black dresses. They had an empire waist and were tea length. Those dresses were flattering to all my attendants' figures. They really looked elegant. Best of all they were around one hundred dollars each (on sale, pre-holiday catalogue)