Cheap but fun favours

by Roza
(Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Hi, an idea all the way from the Netherlands!

Even though we didn't use it for a wedding, it's still a good idea.

A friend of my mother in law turned 50 and what we did is we baked our own fortune cookies, but with a twist! In every cookie we put, instead of a 'fortune', a task for the receiver to do.

We made all kinds of tasks, such as 'you will massage her feet' and 'you will do the dishes' because we had a small and intimate group of people on the party.

For a wedding you could use 'you will make the newlyweds a nice meal when they come back from their honeymoon' or 'you will clean the newlyweds car before they return from their honeymoon' or 'you will invite the groom over for a beer so he can escape his new wife'.

Fortune cookies are real easy to make and a recipe is found easily on Google. Using colored paper for the 'fortunes' you can make sure it fits the style of the wedding.

Use a printer and a nice font, or hand-write your fortunes. Make sure you find a recipe where the papers are folded in after the cookies are baked, because if you have to fry the cookies with paper and all, you run the risk of the papers being illegible.

Good luck!

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