Cheap Wedding ideas!

by Liz

our centerpieces

our centerpieces

My husband and I got married over 4 years ago and spent no more than $3,000 on the entire wedding including reception, decorations, favors, tuxes, my dress and other stuff.

We had subway for our luncheon wedding. We had our reception at the church we attend.

We also raided the dollar stores for little globe vases and rings of flowers to go around them. We bought .29c goldfish to put in the vases with a handful of cheap little pebbles. We also got round mirrors for under the vases.

The guest loved our table decorations. We also put a little tiny Ziploc baggie with goldfish food in it, one per table. The person who got the goldfish food at their place setting got to take the fish and vase home with them.

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