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November 17, 2005 14:08 - Stocking Your Bar

Are you planning on serving liquor at a pre-wedding or wedding celebration? Well, we have a few tips for you! Considering your budget, OF COURSE, first plan what you want your bar to be. It is perfectly acceptable to have a wine and beer bar these days. Doing a wine and beer bar can definitely be easy on the pocketbook. One other money saver is to serve ONE signature drink along with soft drinks. If a full bar is in your budget, stick to the basics and everyone will be happy!

For the wine and beer bar:

Stock 4-5 six packs per 10 people and about 5 bottles of wine per 10 people.

For the full bar:

Stock Vodka, Rum, Gin, Scotch, Bourbon, Whiskey and Tequila. The most common rule of thumb here is about 20 drinks for every 10 people. Double that if the party goes long and/or includes dinner.

  • A bottle of wine yields roughly 5 servings.

  • A 750 ml. bottle yields 14-16 cocktails.

  • A 1.5 liter bottle yields about 40 servings.

  • For mixed drinks…have on hand…or consider having…juices like grapefruit, orange, cranberry and tomato.

  • Be sure to have plenty of tonic, club soda, ginger ale, and lemon lime soda. Rule of
    thumb here is about 4 liters per hour.

  • Depending on the concoctions you plan on making, you may need… Bloody Mary mix, Margarita mix, grenadine, simple syrup, vermouth, salt and sugar, garnish, milk and cream

The number one thing to remember is lots of ice!!! To keep all of this easy, cheap and no-hassle, our best tip is to keep things as simple as you would like them to be.

For more beverage ideas see Wedding Cocktails

November 16, 2005 19:03 - Warming it up for Fall

Fall is becoming more and more popular in the wedding planning world. The season itself conjures up thoughts of deep, rich colors, cool breezes, and hearty food. The very best part of Fall is that you can easily use what nature has to offer for any occasion. The following tips and suggestions can be used for any wedding related celebration.

Use them for engagement parties, rehearsal dinner or even your reception

  • Nothing says fall like the classics. Use colors like brown, deep red, golden yellow, cream, deep green or copper.

  • The HOTTEST color combination right now is Brown and Blue. Some say it represents earth and sky.

  • Use nature's products-some must haves at fall parties are pumpkins, wheat bundles, berries, leaves (real or faux), and ivy.

  • Don't forget extra lighting. Add small inexpensive lamps to cake tables, buffets, gift tables and head tables. They instantly warm things up.

  • Speaking of lighting…we still love using lots of warm lit candles…just be safe.

  • Add a touch of plaid! Plaid comes in so many combinations. Use it on one or two tables for accent or use plaid ribbon instead of solid ribbon. You can easily coordinate the colors you love with some plaid.

  • We love Funkins carvable pumpkins. Use them as accents around the room and carve the bride's and groom's initials or any other relevant words or pictures.

These are just examples of what you can do to add that Fall touch. Take cues from all around you. Use local products and inspirations to tie it all together!

For more ideas see Fall Wedding Favors

September 14, 2005 13:29 - Grooms: Keeping it all Together

Nowadays, the grooms responsibility can be a little more widespread than years ago. The groom can’t just show up the day of the wedding in a tux and say "I do". Grooms are participating in all aspects of wedding planning.
Probably the most important job for the groom is to be the supportive and stable person that the bride may need at any given moment. This is certainly a small price to pay for a dream wedding. Right?

So, all of this means is that the groom will help out the bride by listening, talking, and maybe even helping in the decision making.

Tips for being a supportive groom:

  • If your bide-to-be is feeling stressed and overwhelmed, suggest you do an activity together to get her mind off of it for a little while (this does not mean watching the big game on TV, unless she likes that!)

  • If your fiancé just needs to vent, then Listen, Listen, Listen!

  • If she asks for your opinion (on anything), offer some suggestions. Tread lightly here, you do not want to offend her or anyone else helping her.

  • Participate in the planning when you can. Help your bride make phone calls, mail invitations, visit potential reception sites. Any thing you do will help tremendously.

Remember that this part will be over soon. You will be spending a lifetime together and showing your support now will show what a great husband you will make!

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