Scrumptious Chocolate Wedding Favors
To Please All Of Your Guests

Chocolate wedding favors remain a favorite among those planning that special day. Chocolate is a good choice for most as most people like to eat it and it’s easy to pull off an elegant look on a budget.

The only time you may want to stay away from chocolate is at a beach wedding (if it’s warm) or any other outdoor wedding where the climate may get hot.

You can go a few ways here with chocolate favors.

You can make your own chocolates or purchase packaged chocolates and wrap them in a creative way.

If you decide to tackle making them on your own, it is easier than ever.

Craft stores, warehouse stores and the internet carry several choices of molds, bags, chocolate melts and containers. The world is your oyster on this.



  • Place Hershey Hugs and Kisses in a pretty cellophane bag.
  • Make your own heart shaped chocolate lollipops.
  • Dip knotted or rod pretzels in white or dark chocolate. You can add a cute note to knotted pretzels about “tying the knot”. While the chocolate is warm, you can add any toppings you like. Crushed nuts, sprinkles, nonpareils, and crushed cereal all work well.
  • For a country theme: place chocolate candies in a small cute flower pot.
  • For the tropical look: place candies in flat sea shells.
  • Cut out homemade chocolate brownies with cookie cutters and wrap in cellophane or wrap like a present. Who doesn’t love brownies? This is my favorite edible wedding favor.
  • Dip shortbread cookies in melted chocolate, let cool and wrap. This works great with sandwich cookies too! You can “glue” on smaller candies for decoration with more melted chocolate.

Be creative and perhaps match any shapes, colors or wrapping to your theme. Have fun and grab some help for making your favors.

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