Coasters as favors!

by Joy

Pick up regular, plain tiles from your local Home Depot. Go to a discount scrapbooking site or store and choose patterns or colors that you like.

Grab some Mod Podge at your local craft store; while you are there choose some ribbon to tie around the coasters when you are done.

Cut the scrapbooking pages into squares big enough to fit on the tiles and place the square on top of the tile. Grab a paint brush and your Mod Podge and coat the entire tile thoroughly with it.

Wait until it dries and do it again. Make four coasters for each couple. Allow three of the coasters in each set to be the scrapbooking papers you chose and for the last one maybe put your monogram and wedding date on another sheet of paper and do the same thing that you did with the other tiles.

lace a ribbon around the tiles and Voila! you have a perfectly useable handmade favor for your guests.

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great idea!
by: Anonymous

I have seen the personalized coaster sets, but they are so expensive to buy a set for each guest.

This is certainly cheaper and you can have fun with your friends while making them.

A perfect personal touch, love your ideas!

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