Consignment Sale Find!

by Lindsey

A consignment sale was being held in a vacant space at my local mall where I work as a security guard. I went into the sale on one of its final days simply to fill out a report about some thefts that had occurred, and was taking a quick look around when I found a gorgeous ivory satin gown hanging on a rack.

I looked at the size on the tag- size 6, I'm a size 6, and the beadwork was beautiful! They were asking $100 for it, and I knew that was too good to pass up!

I called my mother on my lunch break to tell her about it, she asked what time I was off work, and said she would meet me at the mall so I could try it on.

I was amazed at how well this dress fit me, it won't need to be altered at all! The woman who originally bought this dress was literally the exact same size as me in every way.

Of course, we bought the dress! It's one big thing off of the list, and a huge blessing since I am having a large wedding on a small budget.

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