cookout reception theme

by Jennifer R.

The first thing that came to my mind when we started planing our wedding was how on Earth were we going to afford such a large reception! Then, it dawned on us. Since our wedding was going to be toward the end of the summer, Why don't we just have a large cookout! It would be cost effective and casual enough so that our WHOLE family could have a good time.

The first thing we did was look for parks in the area that could accommodate a large crowd. We didn't find anything that was reasonable but we were able to book a pavillion at a local, nearby lodge. It would include a full kitchen and restrooms (which is important for the young and old.).

Our menu consisted of fun, cook-out themed food like hamburgs and hotdogs (good quality of course), sides (baked beans, corn on the cob) and salads (tossed salad, macoroni salad and potato salad) rolls and drinks (canned drinks, bottled water to deter ants and bees).

The table had checked table cloths and in the middle of each was a citronella candle and the condiments (Ketchup, mustard, pickles,and napkins!). Heavy paper platter-like plates allowed guest to fill their plates without the fear of spilling.

As far as decorations were concerned, balloons did the trick! They're fun and summery and the kids took them home (trust me, there were enough of them there!) We had them in many bright colors.

And of couse, you cannot forget about the wedding cake. Originally, I wanted a sheet cake but I was talked into a tiered cake. A sheet cake would have been great(since it's easier to serve them). A lemon cake or pound cake would be the best options for a summer wedding.

I hope that this was a great deal of help to you.!

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