Creative Way To Get A Wedding Dress

by Anni
(Peachtree City, GA)

At most dry cleaners they clean and preserve dresses of all kinds (that means you might be able to help save on some other wardrobe aspects of the wedding) and sometimes people dont come back!!

Many dry cleaners like to wait about a year or so, but then they donate the dresses and such to Good Will or the Salvation Army!

You can go to a dry cleaners and find out if they have any dresses that they have been "storing" (unwillingly) for a while....if they do offer to pay half of the cleaning cost and most will usually bend. Half is better than what they would be getting from donating it.

Most dry cleaners are willing to do this after they have called the customer to come pick the items up, and the one who dropped them off still havent been there, or they have changed their number and theres no way to get in touch with them.

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