Discover Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Cupcake Wedding Cakes are the best thing since sliced bread and sliced cake. They are inexpensive, easy to make and easy to make the exact amount you need (one cupcake per person).

Baking cups/cupcake liners (available at the supermarket) come in lots of colors including silver and gold.

There are even some liners that are sheer. The color of the cupcake liners add to the decorations.

They may be decorated in lots of pretty ways.


  • Use three tiered dishes to arrange the cupcake wedding cake
  • Ribbons to match your color scheme look very elegant
  • Flowers of course are beautiful to use on the cupcake wedding cake. A large flower in the middle cupcake would be very chic
  • A beautiful sea shell on each cupcake would be perfect for a beach wedding
  • Heart shaped lollipops stuck in each cake is a terrific for a Valentine’s Day wedding
  • Pre-made ribbons atop the cakes are pretty. Don’t remove the paper from the sticky tab
  • All sorts of candy, such as silver dragees (small sugar balls covered with edible silver leaf) may be used. Use what is appropriate for your theme.
  • Betty Crocker has an edible pen that writes on cakes
  • No doubt chocolate curls would be delicious and pretty
  • Miniature pinwheels, cocktail umbrellas or mini bride and groom figures are some fun things to use
  • For a Christmas wedding use tiny Christmas trees or ornaments
  • You could get very creative with a combination of any of these things I have mentioned
  • One good idea is to monogram each cupcake with the couple’s initials. Use an edible pen or pastry bag to write with
  • Here’s the best one. Arrange all the cupcakes in a rectangle or circle and cover the top with frosting as though it is one cake. Then decorate anyway you like.

Have fun with your "cupcake wedding cake" and think about all the money you’ll save.