Dirt Cheap Wedding

We had a strict budget of $1000, and about 100 guests.

For the ceremony we had it at a rose garden in the park for then in the same park we rented a picnic area shelter in the middle of the field where there wasn't a lot of people, we paid a total of $100 and there were picnic tables provided, so we just moved them to the outside and used the concrete as the dance floor.

I asked a family friend to be our officiant, and had my uncle be the "dj"(we made our own cds and all he had to do was change them every once in a while) we picked up some cheap table cloths and wrote all over them and glued on personal pictures, for the centerpieces I bought a tall vase and one fake flower floating candles and pebbles from the dollar store, tied the flower onto a rock, put it in the vase surrounded the rock in pebbles and filled with water and put in a floating candle.

We were going to put in fish but I thought it would be too cold. Each centerpiece cost about $2. We found a new restaurant and they did a buffet at the reception for $2 a person. I used our white Christmas lights and saved about $100 if I would have rented them.

We bought m&ms in our wedding colors and filled cleaned out baby food jars, we covered the top in a bow and only spent $50.

My mom bought my dress and I just bought some $15 flats.

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