dried flowers,branches,crystal, and peacock feathers

by dee
(poconos, pa)

I will probably be getting married in winter and some fresh flowers can get expensive wether theyre in season or not...so i figured why not dried?

Lavender smells beautiful! and its a pretty purple...eucalyptus is another plant I want to use because of the green blue color and the smell.

And to fill up space I want to add some white dried flower filler and peacock feathers to add color.

Dried flowers last a long time and would be great for a gift to bring home for bridesmaids.

Also my mom always said how she loved her flowers but didnt get to preserve them or make a copy with fake flowers...so im glad I will be keeping mine for years to come.

Also my centerpieces will have the same items I mentioned above but will have curly willow and plastic crystals (walmart and craft/ beading stores)hanging form the branches and scatter chip crystals (also walmart / craft store)on the table to make it look like snow melting.

I want a wedding at the end of february and I figure its the end of winter when things melt...so I thought it would be a cool effect...and the dried flowers cause nothing has bloomed yet.

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