A woman I know had a beautiful wedding cake- but turns out it was a display cake!

She had a cheap but delicious sheet cake already sliced in the kitchen... everyone admired the display cake, and no one really noticed when they didn't do the cutting of the cake event!

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I love this idea! I'm adding one thing.
by: Katie

The cake my fiance and I want is $225 which is a good price. However, I am really loving the fake cake idea. Sheet cakes at this bakery are about $50. Costco sheet cakes are even cheaper, around $15-$20.

I am going to try the fake cake, but I am adding something to it. I am going to use a display cake that is two tiers. I'm going to buy a large round cake (or make one) and put it on the bottom of the two tiered cake making it a 3 tiered cake. Since the bottom cake is real, we can still do the cake cutting.

This is how I'm making the cake. I'm buying foam pieces that are 9" and 6 " that are in the shape of a cakes. I'm going to frost them with plain white frosting. Then I will decorate the cake with ribbons and flowers. There is a video on this site that shows how to do this.

I'll have sheet cakes of our favorite flavor of cake that my fiance and I picked out at the wedding bakery we liked. I will also pick up a large round cake for the bottom layer, or I could make it.

interesting idea
by: Nicole Onofrio

I like it- can't hurt and did it end up saving the bride money?


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