Family Favorites Wedding Reception

by Mechelle

Get the family involved with the food for the reception by getting Grandmother to cook the family favorite dish, enough for all of your guests.

Have your Aunts do the same and they will love to be able to showcase their skills and it will make them feel connected to you.

If your Groom has great cooks in his family then call them up and have them prepare something also.

You pick the menu, this is not a pot luck!

The more people that get involved with your wedding the more free time you will have for yourself.

It's kinda a Southern Tradition but it will work for all.

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I did this for my 2nd wedding
by: Teddy Bear

I've never been married by a Man of the Cloth or in a church. My late husband & I got married at the Community Center he was an Executive Director for & his sister was the current President at that time & had the Mayor of the neighboring town to marry us & a friend gave us a decent deal to be the DJ (but played the wrong song for our 1st dance AND my dance with my father!!!!).

I used my entire $5,000 servent's pay for a company I had left and still had to pay for the extra $800+ for the booze they drank AFTER we left (his sister opened the door to the bar's stock)!

Anyway, my 2nd marriage to my current husband was so small I did it in my best friend's back yard (they had a party to go to that evening too. LOL) & again had a Mayor of another town to marry us under a blue tent in jeans (I wore a white pants suit). Everyone brought a dish or drinks.

We only had 26 people (including us). Although both were very nice and I did enjoy the large wedding and the very, very small wedding. But I never got the formal church wedding I never thought I wanted. Well, now I do.

Planned "potluck" with relatives helping
by: Holly

great ideas. This would work best when the relatives live close to the wedding site. Hard to do this when they arrive from out of state the night before (or hours before) the event!

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