Family Sponsored Weddings

by Tabitha
(San Antonio, Texas)

I came to your website for ideas and I noticed on your section for getting money, there was no family listed.

I am not suggesting the brides parents pay for everything or the grooms parents.

I am from San Antonio, Texas and here it is very customary for families to pitch in.

You ask a family member to give whatever they can towards the event and on the wedding program you list the sponsors and what they contributed to.

E.G. Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Quintanilla - Flowers.

A lot of the time they choose specifically what they want to sponsor.

The only problem I have ever seen with this is sometimes they want to dictate exactly how you spend the money.

So you have to be clear it is just a donation. There is usually a special toast and photo-op with the sponsors as well.

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Also in the Philippines
by: Anonymous

This is quite common in Filipino culture too. Usually about three couples (godparents, parent's friends) sponsor a wedding by making a donation of a few hundred dollars. They are credited on the program and thanked at the reception. It's seen as an accepted role in the wedding, not unlike confirmation sponsors or God parents.

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