fish center pieces

by Jessica McKinney
(Richmond, VA)

I've been to a few weddings where they have used betta (those fighting fish) as centerpices.

Some come in large vases with peace lily plant in the top. You can get these at wal mart for around 15 bucks. and they come with different color marbles in the bottom.

Just buy your color ribbon, and tie around the vase. Makes a great center piece as well as a favor.

Not big on the plant? Thats ok, you can buy small vases/bowls at the dollar store, and your color of stones or marbles very cheaply at Micheals or dollar stores. You can purchase these fish alone for about 5 bucks a piece.

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Animals are NOT decorations!
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry, but I find this idea to be totally irresponsible. Buying a beta in a vase is not only buying a decoration for a party, but at least a 2 year commitment to a living creature. Companies that sell such arrangements do not put much effort into emphasizing the proper care of these animals, and many beta fish end up dying from neglect once their owner realizes how much effort it takes to keep a fish alive and healthy. Please do NOT support such cruelty in your wedding, particularly when you have absolutely no plans in mind for these animals after the party is over!

Have a home for the fish
by: Anonymous

Hey. I became the owner of a betta fish because my church used them as centerpieces and didn't bother to think ahead to actually caring for the fish later on. I got stuck with one and while they are easy pets to care for- I wasn't planning on taking on another pet. If you are going to use these as centerpieces make sure you already have some responsible people that want the fish. Don't rely on someone just taking it with them because several of the fish were taken by people that did not really care and they died. It was really very irresponsible.

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