For the Honeymoon

by Rae

This is not actually a way to get money for the actual wedding--although I suppose you could adapt this idea to fit that purpose--but if you find that you cannot really afford the honeymoon, then this may help you out.

At my parents' wedding, they did a "money dance." They danced with anyone who asked and for my mother, they put money a bag/purse she was carrying and for my father they pinned or taped the money to his suit.

My parents used the money they earned to pay for their entire honeymoon and still had some money left over.

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Dollar Dance
by: Anonymous

This is tradition here in our area and we call it the Dollar Dance and you pay a Dollar (or whatever you wish) to dance with the bride or groom. It is loads of fun- gets small children involved.

When my girls were very young they could not wait for the Dollar dance to get a chance to dance with their older cousins who were getting married!!

good idea.
by: Kelly

this sounds like a great idea.
my best friend is doing this at her wedding, and i think we may have to do it at mine.

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