Found the perfect dress on Craigslist for $50

by Bekki Wilson
(Lindsay, Ca USA)

My perfect dress!!

My perfect dress!!

My fiance and I were having dinner one night and discussing our wedding budget. I mentioned to him that seeing the bridal magazine had me a little unsure. The prices of dresses are through the roof, I told him.

Laughing I said, "Maybe I need to get some thrift store shopping tips from your mom, she finds EVERYTHING there." We finished up dinner, and me armed with that line I took it upon myself to do some investigating.

Got my trusty laptop and did some searching. I had heard tons about Craig's list but had never looked for anything specific. So I looked in their clothes and accessories section and was shocked to find a sea of wedding dresses with photos to choose from.

The list seemed endless, with photos galore and being late seemed to go on forever. After looking at tons of photos, with many being the same style with a specific designer I came across one that was a diamond in the rough.

Perfect size, style I'd been looking for, for $50. What? No way! I started with the first email. Was it still available? Sure enough it was, after finding out more information, and talking with the girl for several weeks, I agreed to meet her. At the softball field! Where my fiance was practicing.

After telling the man I loved so dearly, I found THE DRESS, and I could get it at softball practice his only question to me was, "Is this the one you want?". After having enough time to look over pictures I was sure. We went to the practice that day and after giving her a quick call I waited to see how it went.

With the perfect one liner in my head left to me before his practice, "You can say No if your not sure, We'll find you THE ONE!! I saw her car and was greeted with a gentle smile. I was called to out by name. Walked over to the back of her S.U.V. and fell in the love all over again immediately after seeing it.

Perfectly simple, elegant and exactly my size. The photo that I've attached is an original I got from the post itself, good luck to all the brides to be, on their cheap chic wedding gowns.~Bekki

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Craigslist Dresses
by: Anonymous

With the prospect of my daughter announcing an engagement in the near future, I have been viewing wedding dresses for sale posted on Craigslist in our location. Amazing, there are dozens and dozens and dozens of beautiful dresses being offered for a variety of reasons. Cancelled wedding, change of mind by the bride, taking up closet space, etc. The prices are excellent, the styles as varied as any bridal salon. It does take time to find the size and style one is looking for and then it's the drive time to actually go an see the dress, but this will be my first line of shopping when the time comes. BIG money saver for something to be worn only a few hours.

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