Free Money

by Andrea
(West Virginia)

1. Save and sell your aluminum cans! I am recently engaged and I thought it would be a great way to save extra money by selling our aluminum cans.

I save my cans anyway and recycle them at the local recycling center, but why would I give them away when I can get paid for them? Aluminum doesn't pay much by the pound, but every little bit can count especially when you take multiple loads at a time.

Tell your family and future-in-laws to save their aluminum cans too and put them into a garbage bag. Then find a place in your community that recycles metals and take the cans there. They will weigh the cans and pay you in cash for the amount.

You will earn extra money for your wedding and help the environment by recycling.

2. How many times have you seen a coin on the ground and walked right past it? Think about how much money those coins would have added up to if you picked every single coin up.

The next time you are out whether it be the grocery store or walking down the side walk, look for loose change. If you see something pick it up and put it in a special jar at home. Ten cents here, two cents there doesn't seem like much; however, over time it can really add up.

My parents started this a few years back and it's a game for them now to see who can find the most. They've found anywhere from pennies to $20 bills! Anything that is free is good, so start today.

Whatever you get is more than you had yesterday and you didn't have to put long hours in at the office to earn it.

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