Friends With Benefits

by Veronica
(Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Basically what this comes down to is who you know. You have a friend who's a hairdresser? Have her do the hair for you and your wedding party.

She may not do it for free but I'm sure she'd give you some kind of discount. Is your cousin always posting awesome photo's on Facebook that he took? Have him be the photographer.

It doesn't necessarily have to be someone you know personally. I, myself, am planning my wedding. I work at a gas station. I see a lot of the same people and know a lot by first name. I know what most of them do for a living. I have short conversations with them about my day, their day, the weather and whats new in life. One of my regulars came in one day and gave me a wedding dress, because she knew I had been trying to get to David's Bridal and could just never find the time.

Now I'm not saying just outright ask everybody for freebies or discounts. But most people who can help, will. And don't "make friends" or "play nice" just to get something. Be genuine. Ask if they know anyone who does catering or knows a good place for a reception. If nothing else at least you have some new ideas and you didn't even do the work.

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